Group 8 - Transfer

Transfer-Cross Section
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Transfer-Cross Section

A A953 Cover, case, bottom $20.00
B A520 Nut, special, hex, 7/8-16NC-2 $5.00
C A1510 Gear, Input $35.00
D 700388 Bearing, Ball POR
E A410 Washer, Oil Retaining, Main Shaft $2.50
F A999 Gear, Intermediate Shaft $160.00
G 708218 Bearing, Roller, Journal POR
H A998 Shaft, Intermediate $10.00
J A992 Gear, Clutch $20.00
K A8841 Shaft, Output $63.95
L 700079 Bearing, Ball POR
M A958 Seal, Oil Type $5.00
N A1111 Shield, Dust $7.50
P A1106 Yoke, Front Propeller Shaft $45.00
Q A980 Nut $2.50
R A956 Housing, Front $90.00
S 52883 Cup, Tapered $13.00
T 51575-V Cone, Tapered $25.00
U A989 Gear, Output, Front $45.00
V A988 Gear, Sliding $55.00
W A8841 Shaft, Output $63.95
X A1511 Gear, Drive Speedometer $10.00
Y A1512 Gear, Driven, Speedometer $5.95
Z A8859-RB Transfer Case Rebuild, Starting Price $550.00

Transfer - Exploded

A 51575-V Cone, Tapered $25.00
B 52883 Cup, Tapered $13.00
C A992 Gear, Clutch $20.00
D A960 Fork, Shifter, Output Clutch Gear $45.00
E A963 Screw, 3/8"-24NF x 0.72 $3.95
F A987 Bearing, Bushing Type $8.00
G A975 Shaft, Clutch Gear $35.00
H A976 Ring, Snap $3.95
J A1007 Bearing, Ball $18.00
K A1504 Shaft, Shifter, Sliding Gear Fork $15.00
L A962 Shaft, Shifter, Clutch Gear Fork $15.00
M A965 Interlock, Gear, Shifter Shaft $2.50
N A957 Gasket, Front Housing $3.00
P A967 Plug, Shifter Shaft Poppet Ball Spring $3.95
Q A966 Spring, Shifter Shaft Poppet Ball $3.50
R 104920 Ball, Shifter Shaft Poppet POR
S A934 Vent, Transfer Case $25.00
T A956 Housing, Front $90.00
U A971 Knob, Gear Shift Lever $6.00
V A1505 Lever, Gear Shift, Direct and Underdrive $70.00
W A1506 Lever, Gear Shift, Front Wheel Drive $70.00
X A970 Spring, Gear Shift Lever $3.00
Y A963 Screw, 3/8-24NF $3.95
Z A972 Pin, Pivot, Gear Shift Levers $4.95
AA * Fitting POR
AB 500007 Seal, Oil POR
AC A1106 Yoke, Front Propeller Shaft $45.00
AD A990 Washer, Thrust, Output Shaft $4.00
AE 103388 Pin, Cotter POR
AF A980 Nut, 3/4-20EF-3 $2.50
AG 500068 Seal, Oil POR
AH 116714 Flange, Companion, Rear $45.00
AJ A1111 Shield, Dust $7.50
AK A1002 Drum, Hand Brake $125.00
AL A1508 Cover, Case, Rear $10.00
AM A1509 Gasket, Rear Cover $3.00
AN A8859-RB Transfer Case Rebuild, Starting Price $550.00
AP A1001 Plate, Lock, Intermediate Shaft $3.00
AQ A959 Fork, Shifter, Output Shaft Sliding Gear $10.00
AR 708218 Bearing, Roller POR
AS A1385 Plunger, Interlock, Gear Shifter Shaft $10.00
AT A520 Nut, Special $5.00
AU A1410 Washer, Plain


AV A1510 Gear. Input $35.00
AW A410 Washer, Oil, Retaining, Main Shaft $2.50
AX A1000 Washer, Intermediate Shaft Gear $5.00
AY A991 Ring, Snap, Output Shaft Thrust Washer $3.00
AZ A990 Washer, Thrust, Output Shaft $4.00
BA A989 Gear, Output Shaft $45.00
BB A1764 Shaft, Output $75.00
BC A999 Gear, Intermediate Shaft $160.00
BD A998 Shaft, Intermediate $10.00
BE 103868 Plug POR
BF A954 Gasket, Bottom Cover $3.00
BG A953 Cover, Case Bottom $20.00
BH A988 Gear, Sliding $55.00
BJ A982 Shim, Output Shaft .15
BK 112715 Plug POR
BL 636396 Sleeve, Speedometer Driven Gear $10.00
BM A1512 Gear, Driven Speedometer $5.95
BN A1511 Gear, Drive, Speedometer $10.00
BP A985 Bearing, Bushing Type 5.95
BQ A1507 Cap, Output Shaft, Rear Bearing $45.00

Items Not Pictured

  634759 Snubber, Case Support Insulator $3.00
  A1435 Gasket,  Transfer to Transmission $1.95
  A1134 Gasket, Output Shaft and Output Clutch Shaft Oil Seal $1.00

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