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Carburetor Fuel Pump
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Fuel Filter Throttle and Choke Controls
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A 116545 Lever, choke control, w/shaft, assy. $2.95
B 120619 Nut, mach screw, No. 10-24NC-2 POR
C 116587 Clamp, choke control tube POR
D 116189 Spring, choke link POR
E 116588 Screw, mach, rd-hd, (0.190) No. 10-24NC x 3/4 POR
F 116586 Lever, choke, w/ bracket, assy. $20.95
G 116184 Spring, choke pull-back POR
H 131954 Screw, mach, fil-hd,  No. 8-32NC-2 x 1/4 (throttle cable wire clamp) POR
J 116157 Valve, choke, assy POR
K 116216 Screw $0.95
L 116544 Horn, air, assy. $98.95
M 116385 Screw, w/washer, fil-hd, No. 12-28NF x 9/16 POR
N 116540 Rod, metering POR
P 116208 Cover, bowl, w/pin, assy. $5.95
Q 131970 Screw, mach, fil-hd No. 8 32NC-2 x 1/2 POR
R 116118 Washer, lock, med, No. 8 POR
S 116206 Disk, metering rod POR
T 116168 Gasket, needle valve seat POR
U 116174 Valve, needle, intake, w/seat and spring assy. POR
V 116191 Spring, intake needle POR
W 116177 Pin, intake needle spring POR
X 116165 Plug, low speed jet and  idle well passenger, w/ gasket, assy. POR
Y 116169 Gasket, pump check valve passage plug and idle well jet. POR
Z 116539 Jet, low speed, assy. (for carburetor CAR-539S) POR
AA 116203 Gasket, bowl, cover POR
AB 116172 Float, w/lever, assy. POR
AC 116541 Jet, metering rod, w/ gasket, assy. POR
AD 116171 Gasket, Nozzle (for carburetor CAR-539S) POR
AE 116166 Nozzle, high speed (for carburetor CAR-539S) POR
AF 116161 Plug, retainer, nozzle POR
AG 116164 Plug, pump jet and nozzle passage, w/gasket, assy. POR
AH 116179 Jet, idle well POR
AJ 116198 Rod, connector, throttle POR
AK 116185 Spring, anti-rattle, throttle connecting rod POR
AL 116194 Retainer, throttle connecting rod spring POR
AM 116197 Arm, throttle shaft, w/screw, assy. POR
AN 132100 Screw, mach, fil-hd, No. 10-32NF-2 x 5/16 POR
AP 116162 Plug, rivet, carburetor throttle body idle port passage POR
AQ 116584 Flange, body, assy. POR
AR 116154 Valve, throttle POR
AS 116217 Screw POR
AT 116585 Shaft, throttle valve, w/ lever, assy. POR
AU 116214 Screw, adjusting, throttle lever POR
AV 116183 Spring, idle adjustment screw POR
AW 116176 Screw, adjusting, idle POR
AX 116202 Gasket, body flange to bowl POR
AY 116210 Insulator, bowl to flange $3.95
AZ 116163 Plug, strainer passage, w/gasket, assy. POR
BA 116170 Gasket, strainer plug POR
BB 116175 Strainer, pump check POR
BC 116205 Check, fuel intake, assy. $1.95
BD 116204 Check, pump discharge, assy. POR
BE 115109 Washer, lock, med, 1/4 in. POR
BF 190392 Screw, mach, fil-hd, 1/4-28NF-2 x 7/8 POR
BG 116180 Jet, accelerator pump POR
BH 116188 Spring, pump POR
BJ 116195 Plunger, pump, w/rod, assy $3.95
BK 116173 Pin, float lever POR
BL 116199 Link, connector, accelerator pump POR
BM 116187 Spring, pump arm POR
BN 116537 Lever, operating, accelerator pump, assy. $2.95
BP 116178 Spring, retaining POR
BQ 116209 Pin, metering rod POR
BR 116538 Spring, metering rod POR
BS 113818 Washer, plain, SAE std, No. 6 POR
BT 134530 Nut, mach screw, hex, No. 6-32NC-2 POR
BU 116181 Arm, pump, w/ collar, assy POR
BV 116384 Screw, w/ washer, choke bracket (fil-hd, No. 8-32NC x 0.327) POR
BW 116542 Link, choke control lever $4.95
BX * Bowl POR

Fuel Pump

A 115657 Bail, w/screw (bowel), assy. (type FP-2) POR
B 113560 Seat, bowl POR
C A1494 Bowl, sediment (metal) (type FP-10) $5.95
D 115654 Screen, assy. $37.95
E 115656 Gasket, bowl to cover (type FG-3) POR
F 115650 Cover, assy. POR
G 132119 Screw, mach, fil-hd, No. 10-32NF-2 x 5/8 POR
H 120217 Washer, lock, med, No. 10 POR
J 116995 Diaphragm (w/pull rod) assy. $4.95
K 115653 Clamp, valve (also known as retainer) POR
L 115651 Valve, assy. POR
M 132696 Screw, mach, No. 6-32NC-2 x 3/8 POR
N 1537404 Gasket, valve POR
P 116694 Spring, diaphragm POR
Q 115643 Spring, rocker arm POR
R 115641 Arm, rocker, assy. POR
S 115880 Link, rocker arm POR
T A1046 Pin, pivot, rocker arm POR
U A1045 Body, w/ priming lever, assy. POR
V 115870 Seal, pull rod (rubber) $0.95
W 115869 Washer, diaphragm spring seat POR

Air Cleaner

A A1311 Hose, air cleaner tube to cleaner $15.00
B A6911 Tube, w/ bracket, Assy (w/crankcase ventilator connection) $39.95
C A1451 Bushing, air intake horn to air tube and carburetor (3-ply rad. hose 2 1/4 x 1 1/8) $5.00
D A1515 Clamp, hose, 2 1/2 ID (air horn to carburetor and air tube) $3.00
E A463 Horn, air intake $15.00
F A5629 Body, assy. POR
G A5630 Element, w/wing bolt, assy. $125.00
H A5631 Cup, oil $39.95
J A5633 Gasket, body, lower $4.00
K A5632 Gasket, body, upper $4.00
L 635097 Clamp, air cleaner to carburetor hose (2-9/32 ID) $2.00
* A5621 Air Cleaner Assembly $160.00

Fuel Tank and Related Parts

A A6333 Cap, fuel tank, w/safety chain, assy. (4 5/8 OD) $29.95
B A6424 Extension, fuel tank filler neck $30.00
C A1472 Strap, hold-down, fuel tank, outer, assy. $17.50
D A1221
Tank, Fuel (Early)
Tank, Fuel (Late)
E A1763
Protector, fuel gage $15.00
F 178460 Screw, ext-teeth, lock washer, header-pt, No. 8-32NC-2 x 3/8 POR
G D-385-C Unit, sending, fuel level assy. $55.00
H 117244 Plug, pipe, sq-hd, 1/4 in. POR
J A1293 Gasket, fuel gage (cork, 1 5/8 ID, x 2 5/8 OD x 1/8 thk) $1.00
K A1477 Strap, hold down, fuel tank, outer, assy. $7.50
L 107822 Nut, jam, stamped, hex, light, 9-notch, 5/16-24NF (Willy's only) POR
M 120368 Nut, hex, light, 5/16-24NF-2 POR
N 215417 Screw, cap, hex-hd, 5/16-24NF-2 x 1 /3/4 POR

Fuel Filter

A 103866 Plug, pipe, sq-hd, 1/4 in (filter holes) POR
B A1256 Screw, bowl to cover $5.00
C A1257 Gasket, bowl to cover screw $7.95
D 119922 Bushing, pipe, shoulder, 1/4 x 1/8 (filter inlet and outlet) $1.95
E A1258 Cover, mounting $45.95
F A1259 Gasket, bowl POR
G A1260 Gasket, element $1.95
H 1261 Element, assy. POR
J A1262 Spring, retaining, element $4.95
K A1263 Bowl $13.95
L 127951 Plug, pipe, hex-hd, 1/4 in. (bowl drain) POR

Throttle and Choke Controls

A A1301 Control, choke, assy. $15.00
B A5106 Control, throttle, assy. $15.00
C A1273 Rod, throttle $29.95
D 633013 Block, adjusting, accelerator throttle rod $5.00
E 372438 Stop, throttle wire $4.95
F A1173 Clip, throttle rod retracting spring (under carburetor attaching stud nut) $3.00
G 633011 Spring, retracting, assy. $2.50
H 639610 Clip, throttle rod retracting spring (on throttle rod) $2.50
J A1243 Shaft, cross, accelerator, w/ lever , assy. $35.00
K 639607 Bracket, accelerator cross shaft $7.50
L A6710 Link, connecting, accelerator pedal (Willy's only) $9.95
M A1225 Rest, foot, accelerator $49.95
N A1084 Pedal, accelerator, assy. (Wills) $35.95
P 650482 Hinge, accelerator pedal (female) $5.95
Q A7518 Knob, throttle and choke control, w/ plunger and wire assy. $7.95

Items Not Pictured

  A1223 Solex Style Replacement Carburetor $152.95
  923806-RB Carburetor, Rebuild, Exchange $295.00
  119257 Replacement Fuel Pump (Reproduction) $66.95
  A2953 Bracket, Fuel Tank Hold-Down Inner, Front $6.00
  A2952 Bracket, Fuel Tank Hold-Down Inner, Rear POR
  A3055 Cap, Drain, Fuel Tank Well $29.95
  119042 Carburetor Rebuild Kit for WO Carburetor $39.95

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