Group 22 - Miscellaneous

Canvas Items, Bows and Curtains
Mirrors and Reflectors
Hand Windshield Wipers, Installed
Vacuum Windshield Wiper Installed
Speedometer and Related Parts
Instruction and Name Plates

Canvas Items, Bows and Curtains

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A A2897 Bow, Top $150.00
B 5216 Rivet, Solid, Rd-Hd, 5/16 x 1 POR
C A2744 Bracket, Left Hand Rail, Front $15.00
D A2745 Bracket, Right Hand Rail, Front $15.00
E 220070 Nut, Hex, 5/16-18NC-2 POR
F 214017 Screw, Hex, 5/16-18NC-2 x 1/2 POR
G 120214 Washer, Lock, 5/16 POR
H A2754 Bracket, Top Bow Pivot $15.00
J 220070 Nut, Hex, 5/16-18NC-2 POR
K 214226 Screw, Hex, 1/2-20NF-2 x 4 POR
L 133822 Screw, Mach.5/16-18NC-2 x 5/8 POR
M 120214 Washer, Lock, 5/16 POR
N 543487 Buckle, Web Strap POR
P 582935 Cap, Rivet Type Fastener POR
Q 502102 Clip, End, Web Strap POR
R A3070 Cover, Headlight $27.50
S A3219-SUMM Cover, Top, Summer $340.00
T A3211 Cover, Windshield $125.00
U A2901 Pivot, Top Bow $17.50
V A2900 Pivot, Top, Front Bow $20.00
W A3111 Plate, Back, Clincher POR
X A2214 Screw, Thumb, 3/8-24NF $12.50
* A3051 Socket Curtain Fastener $2.50
* GPW1153142 Top Bow Pivot $20.00

Mirrors and Reflectors

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  A2934 Mirror, Rear View $49.95
  1095816 Mirror Arm with Bracket $25.00
  A11850 Mirror head $25.00
  A1306CB Reflector, Ruby, 4 1/2 inch $10.00
  GPW13380A Reflector, F Script $10.00
  GPW17682B Mirror, F Script $20.00

Hand Windshield Wipers, Installed

A A2512 Arm, w/Blade $25.00
B A4687 Blade, 9 inch $12.50
C A2513 Handle, w/Knob POR
D A11432 Handle, w/Tie Rod POR
E A2586 Wiper, Windshield Hand, Single $35.00
F A11433 Wiper, Windshield Hand, Tandem $30.00

Vacuum Windshield Wiper Installed

A A12865 Arm, Adjustable, 8 to 11 1/2 inch $9.50
B A12864 Blade, 8 1/4 $7.95
C 663366 Motor, Windshield POR
D A12751 Tee, Vacuum Line POR
E A12755 Tube, Upper, Vacuum Line POR

Speedometer and Related Parts

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A A8242 Bracket, Mounting, Auto-Lite Speedometer POR
B A8126 Bracket, Mounting, King-Seely Speedometer POR
C A1343 Casing, Flexible Shaft POR
D A5449 Clip, Open, 5/16 POR
E A1344 Core, Flexible Shaft POR
F 345961 Grommet, Rubber, 13/32 POR
G A8127 Nut, Wing, 10-32NF, Auto-Lite Speedometer POR
H A8129 Washer, Lock, No. 10, Auto-Lite Speedometer POR
J A8125 Nut, Wing, 10-32NF, King-Seely Speedometer POR
K 53194 Washer, Lock, No. 10, King-Seely Speedometer POR
L A1267 Shaft, Flexible $15.95
M A8180 Speedometer, Reproduction $125.00

Instruction and Name Plates

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A A1330 Plate, Set, Brass $30.00
B A5472 Plate, Instruction (See A1330 Above) *
C A17344 Plate, Name, Vehicle (See A1330 Above) *
D A1331 Plate, Shifting Instruction (See A1330 Above) *

All Prices and Availability Subject to Change without Notice