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Body - Assembly
Front Compartment and Instrument Panel
Items not Pictured

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Body - Assembly

A A2842 Apron, Splash, Right Fender POR
B A2234 Loop, Hold Down, Windshield POR
C A2896 Catch, Hold Down, Hood $4.00
D A3197 Catch, Hold Down, Windshield $29.95
E A2943
Fender, Front Right
Fender, Front Left
F A3204 Frame, Windshield $497.95
G GPW1102003 Step, Cowl Side, Left $25.00
H A2213 Bracket, Pivot, Windshield $10.00
J A2501 Chain, Windshield, Thumb Screw POR
K 214018 Screw, Hex, 5/16-18NC-2 x 5/8 POR
L A12010 Panel, Cowl, Right Side POR
M A12105 Panel, Cowl, Top POR
N A3980-SET Cushion, Front Seat, Set, Each Seat $82.50
P A2757 Panel, Body Rear $215.00
Q A2390 Handle, Body, Outside, Front $17.50
R A2745 Bracket, Right Hand Rail, Front $15.00
S 3121441 Reflector, Rudy, 4 1/2 inch POR
T A2754 Bracket, Top Bow Pivot $15.00
U A2389 Handle, Body, Outside, Rear Corner $17.50
V A2214 Screw, Thumb, 3/8-24NF $12.50
W A3110 Strap, Top Lock $17.50
X A2987 Trim, See "Z" Below *
Y A2985 Trim, See "N" Above *
Z A2905-SET Cushion, Rear Seat, Set $85.00
AA A2453 Bracket, Pivot, Front Seat POR
BB A3227 Lid, Tool Compartment $30.00
CC A2830 Spring, Retaining, Rear Seat Frame $5.00
DD A2897 Bow, Top $150.00
EE A3114 Pad, Crash, Front Seat Body Side, Left, NOS $75.00
FF A2883 Strap, Web, Safety POR
GG A2476 Weather Strip, Windshield, Frame to Cowl $30.00
HH A2227 Clamp, Windshield Mounting Clamp Catch $40.00
JJ A2478 Glass, Windshield POR
KK A3780 Bumper, Windshield, Hood Top, Wood $7.95
LL A1304 Light, Head, Left, 6-Volt $75.00
MM A1436
Light, Marker, Left, 6-Volt $60.00
NN A3225 Hood $250.00
PP A3615 Guard, Radiator $175.00
QQ A1305 Light, Head, Right, 6-Volt $75.00
RR A1437
Light, Marker, Right, 6-Volt $60.00
Body Kit, MB, Standard, (Kit Includes Body Tub, Hood, 2 Fenders and Windshield Frame)
Body Kit, GPW,
(Kit Includes Body Tub, Hood, 2 Fenders and Windshield Frame)
Body Kit, MB, Early,
(Kit Includes Body Tub, Hood, 2 Fenders and Windshield Frame)
Body Tub Only, MB, Standard
Body Tub Only, MB, Early
Body Tub Only, GPW
  A1312 Lock, Spare Tire $25.00
  A2922 Hood Block Set, Rubber $20.00
  A4683 Hood Block Set, Wood $20.00
  A313 Bracket, Oil Can $14.00

Front Compartment and Instrument Panel


A A6858 Wheel, Steering $140.00
B A634 Button, Contact, Horn $4.95
C A11433 Wiper, Windshield, Hand, Tandem $30.00
D A2235 Arm, Adjusting, Windshield $10.00
E A5231 Ammeter, 50 Amp, Reproduction $29.50
F 639244 Handle, Cable POR
G A2227 Clamp, Windshield $40.00
H A1330 Plate, Caution (Set) $30.00
J A17344 Plate, Name, Vehicle (See A1330 Above) *
K A1331 Plate, Shifting Instruction (See A1330 Above) *
L A1380 Lever, Gear Shift $85.00
M A1506 Lever, Gear Shift, Front Wheel Drive $70.00
N A1505 Lever, Gear Shift, Direct and Under drive $70.00
P A17143 Switch, Starter *
Q A8188
Gage, Water Temperature, Reproduction $70.00
R A1225 Rest, Foot Accelerator $49.95
S A8180 Speedometer $125.00
T A6851 Pedal, Accelerator $25.00
U A8190 Gage, Oil Pressure, Reproduction $40.00
V A8184 Gage, Fuel, Reproduction $45.00
W A8253 Pedal POR
X 506602 Switch, Light, Push-Pull POR
Y A405 Pedal POR
Z A6618 Tank, Fuel $275.00
AA * Extinguisher, POR
AB A2883 Strap, Web, Safety POR
AC 638979 Switch, Dimmer $9.95
AD A11866 Switch, Main Lights $75.00
AE A2934 Mirror, Rear View $29.90
AF A5106
Control, Throttle
Control, Choke
AG A6811 Switch, Ignition, Keyless $50.00
AH A11319 Holder, Rifle, Reproduction $300.00
* A2250 Weatherstrip, Windshield $20.00
* A2895 Lock, Tool Compartment Lid $20.00
* A2983
Bolt, Anchor, 3/8-16NC-2, Safety Strap $7.50
* A3783-R Seal, Floor, Gearshift Lever Housing $12.00
* A3784-R Grommet, Floor, Transfer Gear Shift $15..00
* A3823 Latch, Glove Compartment Door Assembly $25.00

Items not Pictured

  A12233 Body Tub Only $2,101.95
  A2853 Bracket, Engine Crank Retaining Clamp $12.50
  A4300 Bracket, Windshield Adjusting Arm $10.00
  A2232 Bracket, Windshield Swing Arm $10.00
  A2791 Catch, Windshield Clamp $9.95
  A4592 Cover, Trailer Electric Plug Housing $13.00
  A2756 Panel, Body Left Side $225.00
  A2758 Panel, Body, Rear $150.00
  A2757 Panel, Body Right Side $215.00
  A3120 Support, Rear Body to Frame, Inner $9.95
  A2336 Support, Rear Body to Frame, Outer $11.95
  A3210 Windshield, Assembly $350.00
  A2982 Cover, Floor, Transmission $24.95
  A2990 Cover, Inspection, Floor, Brake Cylinder $14.00
  A2784 Grommet, Floor, Transfer Gear Shift Lever $7.95
  A12003 Pan, Front Floor $555.95
  A12017 Pan, Rear Floor POR
  A3144 Rest, Foot, Rear Floor $25.00
  A2919 Ring, Floor, Gear Shift Lever Housing Cover $5.00
  A2473 Thumbscrew, Windshield Pivot $12.50
  A693 Bracket, Fire Extinguisher Mount $2.00

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