Group 15 - Frame

Frame - Assembly
Pintle - Assembly
Spare Wheel Carrier

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Frame - Assembly

A A547 Member, Cross, Rear $60.00
B A484 Bracket, Shock Absorber, Rear Left $25.00
C A415 Bracket, Front, Intermediate Cross Member POR
D A1204 Bracket, Shock Absorber, Front Left POR
E A1201 Bracket, Radiator Guard Support, Side $10.00
F A1127 Gusset, Front Bumper, Left, Upper $15.00
G A1514
Bracket, Radiator Guard Support, Willys Only
Bracket, Radiator Guard Support, Ford Only
H A1128 Gusset, Front Bumper, Right, Upper $15.00
J A1203 Member, Cross, Front, Willys Only POR
K A1205 Bracket, Shock Absorber, Front Right $25.00
L A1138
Tray, Battery, Willys Before Serial No. 120700
Tray, Battery, Willys After Serial No. 120700
Tray, Battery, Ford Only
M A637 Outrigger, Body POR
N GPW5181 Brace, Pintle to Frame POR
P A1151 Plate, Mounting, Machine Gun POR
Q A1150 Member, Cross, Intermediate, Rear POR
R A6740 Cup, Retaining, Transfer Case Support Insulator $5.00
S A185 Bracket, Brake Pedal Retracting Spring POR
T A5127 Member, Cross, Intermediate, Front $90.00
U GPW6029 Bracket, Engine Support, Front, Right, Ford Only POR
V GPW6030 Bracket, Engine Support, Front, Left, Ford Only POR
W GPW5072 Bracket, Radiator Support, Ford Only POR

Pintle - Assembly

A 121949 Nut, Hex, 7/16-20NF-3 POR
B 131100 Washer, Lock, 7/16 POR
C 181667 Screw, Hex, 7/16-20NF-3 x 1 1/8 POR
D A6393 Bolt, Eye, 1/2-13NC-2 x 1 1/2 $12.95
E T62XA Lock, Hook POR
F T67 Pin, Pivot, Latch POR
G T63 Latch, Pintle Lock POR
H T64A Bolt, 7/16-14NC-2 x 1 3/4 POR
J 120384 Washer, Lock, 1/2 POR
K 120378 Nut, Hex, 1/2-13NC-2 POR
L A593
Pintle, Assembly, Import
Pintle, Assembly, World War 2, Reproduction

Spare Wheel Carrier

A 214018 Screw, Hex, 5/16-18NC-2 x 5/8 POR
B 120050 Screw, Hex, 5/16-18NC-3 x 3/4 POR
C A2168 Footman Loop $2.50
D 7044154 Spacer, Bracket Left POR
E A2359 Bracket, Carrier, Spare Wheel $60.00
F A476 Nut, Hex, 1/2-20NF-2, Right Hand $2.00
G A2389 Handle $22.50
H 7044173 Spacer, Bracket Right POR
J 3121441 Reflector, Rudy, 4 1/2 inch POR
K 504439 Light, Blackout Marker POR

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