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History of the M715

The Kaiser Jeep M715 is an American wheeled military vehicle based upon the civilian Jeep Gladiator. In 1965 the design and developing for the M715 began. The U.S. Government purchased these trucks to replace the M37. Between 1967 and 1969 over 33,000 trucks were produced at the Toledo, Ohio plant. The overhead cam 6 cyl engines were not very reliable. They had been dropped from civilian models by 1968. The trucks were replaced by the Dodge M880 series.

Jeep M715 Series

M715 variants include:
                 M715 - Cargo / Troop Carrier
                 M724 - Cab / Chassis
                 M725 - Ambulance
                 M726 - Telephone Maintenance


                      With Winch - 220.75 inches
                      Without Winch - 209.75 inches
                       85 inches
                      At Bed (With Cargo Cover Installed) - 87.7 Inches
                      At Cab - 75 inches, Reducible to 59 inches
                      5,180 pounds
                      Inline 6 cylinder, 230.5 cubic inch overhead camshaft
                      132.5 House Power
                      Warner, T-98 Four speed, Synchronized
                 Transfer Case:
                      2 Speed, NP200, 1.91:1 Low Range
                      Front: Dana 60
                      Rear: Dana 70
                      Ratio: 5.87:1
                Electrical System:
                     24 Volt Utilizing two 12 Volt Batteries in Series
                      Hydraulic, 4-Wheeled Drum
                 Fuel Type:
                 Fuel Capacity:
                      28 U.S. Gallons
                 Top Speed:
                      55 MPH
                 Turning Radius:
                      28 Feet 
                      9.00 x 16 8-Ply

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