Group 22 - Miscellaneous Body Parts

Windshield Wiper Assembly - Motor Windshield Wiper Assembly - Manual
Reflector Assembly

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Windshield Wiper Assembly - Motor

A 3723 Motor, Windshield Wiper, Vacuum $69.95
B 3724 Screw, Assembled Washer, #10-32, 1.0 Long POR
C 3706 Arm, Windshield Wiper $9.50
D 3707 Blade, Windshield Wiper, $7.95
E 3730 Screw, Assembled Washer, #10-32, 1-1/8 Long POR
F 3715 Line, Wiper Vacuum at Cylinder Head Cover Assembly POR
G 3712 Hose, Windshield Vacuum Tube POR
H 3718 Line, Wiper Vent at Carburetor Air Intake POR
J 3710 Hose, Windshield Wiper Motor to Shutoff POR
K 3729 Nut, Self-Locking, Hex, #10-32NF POR
L 3728 Valve, Shut-Off, Windshield Wiper POR
M 3726 Tee, Pipe to Tube POR

Windshield Wiper Assembly - Manual

A 3731 Windshield Wiper, Hand POR

Reflector Assembly

A 3714 Lens, Clearance Marker Light, Red, Plastic POR
B 3575 Washer, Flat POR
C 3577 Screw, Tapping, Thread POR
D 3576 Nut, Sheet Spring POR

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