Group 18 - Body

Rear Seat Assembly Windshield and Side Mirror Assembly
Front Seat Assembly Attachment Assembly - Jack and Lug Wrench
Windshield Assembly

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Rear Seat Assembly

A 2506 Washer, 0.146 ID, 1.418 OD POR
B 3503 Lock Assembly, Tailgate POR
B1 3501 Lock, Half, Tailgate, Body Half POR
B2 3499 Bumper, Rubber POR
C 3507 Nut, Self-Locking, 5/16-24NF POR
D 3500 Chain Assembly POR
E 3641 Seat, Individual, Plain, Folding POR
F 3519 Rod, Straight, Headless, 1.125 Dia, 54.0 Long POR
G 3637 Hinge Pin, Seat POR
H 3600 Back Rest, Seat, Individual POR
J 3513 Lock, Half, Tailgate, Left Hand POR
K 3601 Bolt, Shoulder, Hex, 1/4-20NC, 5/8 Long POR
L 3602 Washer, Flat POR
M 3603 Washer, Lock POR
N 3643 Screw, Cap, Hex, 1/4-28NF, 3/4 Long POR
P 3642 Nut, Self-locking, Hex, 1/4-28NF POR

Windshield and Side Mirror Assembly

A 3578 Windshield Assembly, Flat, Vehicular POR
B 3547 Bumper, Windshield to Hood POR
C 3568 Nut, Plain, Hex, #10-32NF POR
D 3570 Washer, Lock, 0.190 ID, 0.381 OD POR
E 3548 Nut, Self-Locking, Hex, 1/4-28NF POR
F 3567 Loop, Strap Fastener POR
G 3569 Screw, Machine, Pan, #10-32NF, 1.0 Long POR
H 3523 Brace, Windshield, Left POR
J 3525 Thumbscrew POR
K 3722 Nut, Self-Locking, Hex, 1/4-28NF POR
L 3721 Mirror Assembly, Rear View POR
M 3705 arm, Rear View Mirror POR
N 3537 Washer, Lock, 5/16 ID, 9/16 OD POR
P 3533 Nut, Plain, Hex, 5/16-24NF POR
Q 3524 Nut, Plain, Cap, 3/8-16NC POR
R 3526 Washer, Spring Tension POR
S 3657 Nut, Sheet Spring POR
T 3531 Bracket, Windshield Hinge, Left POR
U 3535 Screw, Machine, 5/16-24NF, 2.250 Long POR
V 3534 Screw, Machine, 5/16-24NF, 7/8 Long POR

Front Seat Assembly

A 3639 Seat Back, Driver POR
B 3645 Trim, Front Seat Back POR
C 3629 Cushion, Front Seat POR
C1 3646 Trim, Front Seat Cushion POR
C2 3644 Spring and Pad POR
D 3608 Bolt, Machine, Hex, 5/16-18NC, 1.0 Long POR
E 3614 Washer, Lock, 5/16 ID, 9/16 OD POR
F 3633 Washer, Flat, 5/16 ID, 9/16 OD POR
G 3626 Clamp, Rim Clenching POR
H 3612 Washer, Flat, 5/16 ID, 0.687 OD POR
J 3628 Washer, Flat, #10 ID, 0.437 OD POR
K 3627 Bolt, Assembled Washer, Hex, #10-32NF, 3/8 Long POR
L 3607 Bolt, Machine, Hex, 5/16-18NC, 3/4 Long POR
M 3610 Screw, Cap, Hex, 1/4-20NC, 3/4 Long POR
N 3613 Washer, Lock, 0.267 ID, 0.493 OD POR
P 3611 Washer, Flat, 1/4 ID, 5/8 OD POR
Q 3609 Nut, Plain, Hex, 5/16-18NC POR

Attachment Assembly - Jack and Lug Wrench

A 3650 Clamp, Jack Stowage POR
B 4046 Jack, Screw Hand, Ratchet, 2 Ton POR
C 4047 Wrench, Socket POR
D 3655 Screw, Tapping, Thread Cutting, #8-32NC, 3/8 Long POR
E 3654 Clamp, Loop POR
F 3652 Washer, Flat, #10 ID, 0.562 OD POR
G 3656 Spring, Helical, Compression POR
H 3653 Washer, Flat, 1/4 ID, 1.0 OD POR
J 3651 Pin Cotter, 1/16 Dia, 1/2 Long POR
K 3648 Nut, Self-Locking, Hex, 5/16-24NC POR
L 3649 Washer, Flat, 0.312 ID, 0.687 OD POR
M 3647 Bolt, Machine, Hex, 5/16-24NF, 15/32 Long POR

Windshield Assembly

A 3549 Channel, Windshield Top POR
B 3573 Rubber, Special Shape POR
C 3551 Screw, Machine, #8-32NC, 5/16 Long POR
D 3560 Frame, Windshield POR
E 3574 Rubber, Special Shaped Section POR
F 3561 Glass, Windshield POR
G 3550 Nut, Sleeve, #8-32NC POR
H 3552 Screw, Machine, Pan, #8-32NC, 3/8 Long POR

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