Group 11 - Rear Axle

Rear Differential - Housing and Cover Rear Differential Shaft Assembly

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Rear Differential - Housing and Cover

A 2651 Universal Joint Assembly POR
B 2615 Hub, Gear, Side POR
C 2732 Valve, Air Pressure, Relief POR
D 2588 Cover, Gear Carrier Housing POR
E 2589 Nut, Self-Locking, Hex, 5/16-24NF POR
F 2606 Gasket POR
G 2648 Stud, Plain, 5/16-18NC, 5/16-24NF, 27/32 Long POR
H 2650 Stud, Plain, Differential Support Bracket POR
J 2569 Cap, Dust, Propeller Shaft POR
K 2618 Plug, Pipe POR
L 2722 Stud, Plain POR
M 2649 Stud, Plain, Drive Shaft POR
N 2571 Bracket, Rear Differential POR
P 2575 Screw, Cap, Hex, 3/8-24NF, 1.0 Long POR

Rear Differential Shaft Assembly

A 2658 Nut, Self-Locking, Hex, 3/4-16NF POR
B 2659 Washer, Flat, 0.812 ID, 1-1/2 OD POR
C 2655 Yoke, W/Shield POR
C1 2654 Yoke, End Propeller Shaft to Axle POR
C2 2621 Shield, Dust, Drive Pinion POR
D 2620 Seal, Plain, Encased $2.50
E 2653 Washer, 2.750 ID, 3.140 OD .95
F 2652 Washer, Flat, 1.135 ID, 2.850 OD POR
G 2587 Cone and Rollers, Tapered Roller Bearing POR
H 2592 Cup, Tapered Roller Bearing $29.95
J 2629 Shim, 0.003 Thick POR
K 2617 Plate, Baffle, Oil POR
L 2626 Shim, 0.003 Thick POR
M 2591 Cup, Tapered Roller Bearing $14.95
N 2586 Cone and Rollers, Tapered Roller Bearing $14.95
P 2593 Deflector, Dirt and Liquid POR

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