Group 10 - Front Axle

Front Differential - Housing and Cover Front Differential Shaft Assembly
Front and Rear Differential - Internal Parts Steering Knuckle Assembly

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Front Differential - Housing and Cover

A 2467 Stud, Plain, Bearing Cap POR
B 2434 Housing, Gear Carrier POR
C 2508 Valve, Air Pressure, Relief POR
D 2404 Cover, Gear Carrier Housing POR
E 2405 Nut, Self-Locking, 5/16-24NF POR
F 2422 Gasket $2.00
G 2466 Stud, Plain, 5/16-18NC, 5/16-24NF, 27/32 Long POR
H 2437 Plug, Pipe POR
J 2559 Stud, Plain POR
K 2343 Shim, 0.030 Thick POR

Front Differential Shaft Assembly

A 2432 Nut, Self-Locking, 3/4-16NF POR
B 2433 Washer, Flat, 13/16 ID, 1-1/2 OD POR
C 2431 Gear, Spur, 34 Teeth POR
D 2439 Seal, Plain, Encased POR
E 2470 Washer, 2.750 ID, 3.140 OD POR
F 2469 Washer, Flat, 1.135 ID, 2.850 OD POR
G 2403 Cone and Rollers, Tapered Roller Bearing $29.95
H 2408 Cup, Tapered Roller Bearing $14.95
J 2447 Shim, 0.003 Thick POR
K 2436 Plate, Baffle, Oil POR
L 2444 Shim, 0.003 Thick POR
M 2407 Cup, Tapered Roller Bearing $14.95
N 2402 Cone and Rollers, Tapered Roller Bearing $14.95
P 2409 Deflector, Dirt and Liquid POR

Front and Rear Differential - Internal Parts

A 2394 Nut, Self-Locking, 7/16-20NF POR
B 2393 Cap, Bearing POR
C 2406 Cup, Tapered Roller Bearing $19.95
D 2401 Cone, Tapered Roller Bearing $24.95
E 2440 Shim, 0.003 Thick POR
F 2410 Differential. Driving Axle POR
F1 2397 Case, W/O Gear and Disk POR
F1A 2395 Case, Differential POR
F1B 2396 Case, Differential POR
F1C 2438 Screw, Differential Case Retaining POR
F2 2419 Disk, Clutch Plate POR
F3 2421 Disk, Clutch Plate POR
F4 2420 Disk, Clutch Differential POR
F5 2435 Hub, Gear, Side POR
F6 2424 Gear, Bevel Side POR
F7 2423 Gear, Bevel Pinion POR
F8 2465 Spider Half, Differential POR
G 2430 Bolt, Machine, Hex, 3/8-24NF, 7/8 Long POR
H 2427 Gear Set, Bevel, Matched POR
H1 2425 Gear Drive Pinion POR
H2 2426 Gear, Drive POR

Steering Knuckle Assembly

A 3046 Nut, Slotted, Hex, 5/8-15NF POR
B 3047 Pin, Cotter, 1/8 Dia, 1-1/4 Long POR
C 3054 Nut, Plain, Round POR
D 3053 Lock, Bearing, Adjusting POR
E 3055 Seal, Plain, Encased $29.95
F 3037 Shield, Rear Wheel Hub POR
G 3039 Cup, Tapered Roller Bearing POR
H 2493 Plug, Pipe POR
J 2476 Bushing, Sleeve POR
K 2478 Disk, Solid, Plain POR
L 2507 Washer, Thrust, 1/4 ID, 0.938 OD POR
M 2474 Ball, Bearing, Left Brake Appling Ring POR
N 2506 Washer, 0.145 ID, 1.418 OD POR
P 3035 Cone and Rollers, Tapered Roller Bearing POR
Q 2561 Universal Joint Assembly POR
R 2480 Gasket POR
S 2494 Retainer, Steering Knuckle Boot, Inner POR
T 2475 Bellows, Rubber $35.00
U 2503 Spring, Helical, Torsion POR
V 2495 Retainer, Steering Knuckle Boot, Outer POR
W 2504 Spring, Helical, Extension POR
X 2499 Sleeve Assembly, Steering Knuckle Boot $39.95
X1 2497 Seal, Plain, Encased $11.95
X2 2498 Sleeve, Steering Knuckle $39.95
X3 2477 Bushing, Sleeve, Steering Knuckle bellows POR
Y 2496 Screw, Cap, Hex, 1/4-20NC, 5/8 Long POR
Z 3040 Cup, Tapered Roller Bearing POR
AA 2473 Nut, Self-Locking, Hex, 3/8-24NF POR
AB 2471 Arm, Steering, Knuckle POR
AC 2481 Knuckle, Steering, Left, W/O Arm Assembly POR
AC1 2505 Stud, Plain, 3/8-16NC, 1-5/16 Long POR
AC2 2487 Knuckle, Steering, left POR
AD 2479 Fitting, Lubrication POR
AE 3043 Hub Assembly, Front POR
AE1 3033 Bolt, Ribbed Shoulder, 1/2-20NF, 5/8 Long POR
AE2 3041 Hub, Front Wheel POR

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