Group 9 - Prop Shafts

Propeller Shaft, Front, Assy.
Propeller Shaft, Rear (M170)

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Propeller Shaft, Front Assy.

A 807779 Bearing, universal joint, assy POR
B A1427 Journal, universal joints POR
C 807801 Seal, dust, universal joint bearing $0.35
D 119733 Race, needle bearing, inner, universal joint POR
E 119732 Roller, needle bearing, universal joint POR
F 119731 Race, needle bearing, outer, universal joint POR
G A945 Ring, snap, universal joint journal bearing $0.59
H 119707 Yoke, sleeve, front propeller shaft, assy. POR
J 120127 Seal, plain, split, 1 ID, 1 37/64 OD, 5/16 thk (packing, sliding yoke) (supersedes washer 7702465) POR
K 113387 Washer, split, universal joint sleeve yoke dust cap (1.035 ID, 1.505 OD, 0.036 thk) POR
L 113373 Cap, dust, universal joint sleeve yoke $1.75
M 119706 Shaft, propeller, front, assy POR
N 504203 Fitting, No. 1, 1/4-28NF, male (ball check valve (2), universal joint journal (4)) (supersedes (4) plug sp-230007) POR
P 807781 Journal assy., w/ bearing and tie bar $14.95
Q A490 Bolt, "U", 5/16-24NF-3 (universal joint bearing) $4.95
R 503345 Nut, self-locking, hex, 5/16-24NF-3 POR

Propeller Shaft, Rear (M170)

A 120203 Shaft, rear (M170) POR

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