Group 15 - Frame

Frame Assembly Pintle Hook Assembly - Exploded View
Spare Wheel Carrier - Exploded View Spare Wheel Carrier (M170) - Exploded View

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Frame Assembly

A 808969 Bar, Bumper, Front $75.00
B 805635 Bracket, Front Shock Absorber, Assembly $29.95
C 805552 Bracket, Engine Front Support, Right, Assembly POR
D 805719 Support, Voltage Regulator POR
E 907147 Outrigger, Body, Right, No 1 POR
F 645072 Bracket, Body, Right, No 2 POR
G 800825 Bracket, Rear, Shock Absorber POR
H 806218 Bracket, Machine Gun, Right POR
J 800605 Cross Member, Frame, Rear POR
K 806217 Bracket, Machine Gun, Left POR
L 645702 Outrigger, Body, Left, No 1 POR
M 805519 Bracket, Front Engine Support, Left POR
N 805643 Cross Member, Frame, Front POR
P 804453 Bracket, Steering Bellcrank Support POR
Q 505575 Reinforcement, Side Member, Left POR
R 649705 Cross Member, Rear Engine Support POR
S 806219 Support, Machine Gun POR
T A1150 Cross Member, Frame, Center POR
U 646942 Cross member, Frame, Rear Intermediate POR
V 805512 Bracket, Body Support, Rear POR
W 805518 Reinforcement, Frame, Rear POR

Pintle Hook Assembly - Exploded View

A 801786 Latch, Towing Pintle POR
B 801785 Spring, Towing, Pintle POR
C 801780 Lock, Towing Pintle POR
D 583035 Ring, Snap POR
E 124169 Bolt, Machine, 1/2-20NF-3 x 2 POR
F 120384 Washer, Lock POR
G 120371 Nut, Plain, Hex, 1/2-20NF-2 POR
H 801778 Pintle, Towing POR
J 801787 Pin, Towing Pintle Lock POR
K 504203 Fitting, Lub, 1/4-28NF POR
L 801784 Pin, Towing Pintle Latch POR

Spare Wheel Carrier - Exploded View

A 689016 Bracket, Spare Wheel Carrier $79.50
B 685174 Stud, 1/2-20NC-2 POR
C 801762 Wheel, Assembly 16 x 4.50 POR
D 5232405 Nut, Cone Seat, Hex, 1/2-20NF-2 Right Hand Thread POR
E 425401 Screw, Hex, 3/8-16NC-2 x 1 5/8 POR
F 120377 Nut, Plain, Hex, 3/8-16NC-2 POR

Spare Wheel Carrier (M170) - Exploded View

A 451976 Screw, Lock Washer, 3/8-16NC-3/4 POR
B 120388 Washer, Flat POR
C 685380 Support, Spare Wheel, Welded Nut POR
D 685389 Plate, Spare Tire Retainer (M170) POR
E 125815 Bolt, Hex, 1/2-20NF-4 3/4 POR

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