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History of the M38A1 and M170

The M38A1 (MD) was built from 1952 until 1957 for the U.S. military forces and from 1958 until 1971 for export to foreign governments.

Production numbers were 101,488 units.  80,290 domestic and 21,198 foreign

This was the first appearance of the round fender Jeep that would eventually become the civilian CJ5.  The M38A1 was quite different that the CJ5 having a stronger chassis and reversed front spring shackles in addition to the military accessories such as standardized GI instruments and a 24 volt electrical system.  The M38A1 lasted quite awhile in military service.  Even after it was replaced by the high tech Ford M151 they could be seen in OD green as late as the 1970's.

From 1953 to 1963 they made an ambulance version of the M38A1 called the M170.  Production numbers were 6,500 units.  This later became the civilian CJ6

Drive Train
The M38A1 and M170 used the "Hurricane" F-Head 134 I4 engine, T-90 3 speed transmission, Dana 18 transfer case, either the Dana 25 or the Dana 27 front axle, and Dana 44 rear axle

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