Group 5 - Cooling System

Radiator and Guard - Exploded Water Pump Assembly - Exploded

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Radiator and Guard - Exploded

A 663520 Liner, hood, radiator guard POR
B 113454 Rivet, split, oval-hd, S, blk-enmld, 9/64 x 7/36 POR
C 674917 Seal, air, top deflector to radiator POR
D 649855 Radiator, w/tank and shroud, assy POR
E 810058 Gasket, ru, 1.687 ID, 2.123 OD, 0.062 thk (filler neck
cap) (for service only)
F 801728 Cap, filler neck (pressure type) $6.95
G 120368 Nut, plain, hexagon, s-fin, S, cd or zn-pltd,
H 120214 Washer, lock, S, 5/16 in, med, cd or zn-pltd POR
J 120393 Washer, flat, light series, S, 5/16 in, cd or zn-pltd POR
K A1217 Rod, brace $15.00
L 801044 Hose, radiator, upper, ru, 11/2 ID x 12 1/4 in POR
M 502917 Clamp, hose, radiator S, cd or zn-pltd, 1% in (supersedes
clamp, G758-8328455) (used on vehicles after
serial No. 58179)
N 801090 Hose, water outlet, radiator, w/reinforcement,
P 649862 Rod, support, right (to engine) POR
Q 649861 Rod, support, left (to engine) POR
R 120395 Washer, flat, It series, S, cd or zn-pltd, 7/16 in,
15/32 ID, 59/64 OD, 0.065 thk
S 121222 Pin, cotter, 3/32 x 3/4, coml S, cd or zn-pltd POR
T 103647 Cock, drain, tee-hdle, br, 1/4 in male pipe end, assy 1
(type C)
U A4413 Cushion, ru, 3 in lg, 3/16 in wide, 34cin thk (optional w/cussion, G503-7701328) (radiator to frame) $2.00
V 446485 Washer, flat, extra-hv series, S, 7/16in, cd or
W 120370 Nut, plain, hexagon, It, s-fin, S, cd or zn-pltd,7/16-20NF-2 POR
X 674916 Seal, air, left and right deflector to radiator POR
Y 674875 Guard, headlight POR
Z 425380 Bolt, integral lock washer, hex-hd, header-pt, S, ed, or zn-pltd, 1/4-20NC-2 x 5/8 POR
AA 673468 Screw, int-teeth-lock washer, hex-hd, S, zn-pltd, 5/16-18NC x 7/8 POR
BB 673621 Hinge (panel, radiator guard) POR
CC 446363 Washer, flat, heavy series, S, cd or zn-pltd, 5/16 in
3/8 ID, 7/8 OD, l/36 thk
DD 673281 Pin, hinge, radiator guard, w/ bracket, left (welded) POR
EE 120213 Bolt, machine, cap, hex-hd, S, cd or zn-pltd, 5/16-24NF-3 x 7/8 POR
FF 673501 Screw, lock washer, hex-hd, S, ed or zn-pltd, 3/8-16NC-2 x 1 POR
GG 673282 Pin, hinge, radiator guard, w/ bracket, right(welded) POR
HH 673313 Guard, radiator, w/ retainers, and weld nuts, assy POR
JJ 123854 Screw, math, fl-hd, S, cd or zn-fin, No. lo-24NC-2
x 1/2
KK 673456 Loop, footman, 1 in strap size (radiator guard) $2.45
LL 121801 Washer, lock, S, cd or zn-pltd, style No, 2, 0.365
OD, No. 10 (0.190)
MM 120361 Nut, plain, hexagon, S, cd or zn-pltd, No. 10

Water Pump Assembly - Exploded

A 649721 Pulley, driven, fan and water pump (twin groove) $29.95
B 7372814 Bearing, w/shaft, assy, fan and pump, 5/32 x 27/64 x
C 800885 Body POR
D 636298 Spring, retaining, bearing POR
E 143981 Plug, pipe, S, cd or zn-fin, so, 1/2-14NPT, RH thd POR
F 649720 Nipple, hose,1/4in pipe thd (cylinder head) POR
G 7362105 Washer, seal, 11/16 ID, 1 5/8 OD,1/8 thk POR
H 801048 Seal POR
J 639993 Impeller, water pump POR
K 637053 Gasket (to cylinder block) $1.95

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