Group 4 - Exhaust Systems

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Exhaust System

A 120677 Bolt, Machine, hex-hd, S, cd or zn-pltd, 3/8-24NF-3 x 1 1/2 POR
B 634814 Gasket, exhaust pipe flange (manifold end) $2.00
C 503354 Nut, Self-locking, Hex, br, plain, 3/8-24NF-3 POR
D 649869 Pipe, exhaust $45.95
E 503348 Nut, Self-locking, Hex, br,5/16-24NF-3 POR
F A7967 Gasket (exhaust pipe to extension (1); extension to
muffler flange (1); muffler to tail pipe (1))
G 121661 Bolt, Machine, hex-hd, S, cd or zn-pltd,5/16-24NF-3 x 1 POR
H 649868 Extension, exhaust pipe, w/BRACKET, assy $69.95
J A15498 Bracket, supporting, exhaust pipe extension $22.50
K 649865 Muffler, exhaust, w/BRACKET, assy. $65.00
L 800799 Bracket, muffler support clamp $22.50
M 800785 Clamp, assy (tail pipe to body) POR
N 649863 PIPE, tail, exhaust, assy $35.00

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