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Carburetor Assembly
Fuel and Vacuum Pump
Air Cleaner Assembly
Ventilation System Fuel Tank and Related Parts
Fuel System
Throttle and Choke Control - Exploded Primer Pump - Exploded

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Carburetor Assembly - Exploded

A 116876 Plug, choke shaft POR
B 116872 Body, choke valve, assy POR
C 116892 Screw, lockwasher, fil-hd, no.32 x 9/16 POR
D 116647 Plug, pump inlet passage (rivet) POR
E 116160 Plug, idle passage (rivet) POR
F 116882 Strainer, fuel intake POR
G 116878 Nut, strainer, w/ Gasket, assy POR
H 116874 Tube, low speed jet POR
J 116168 Gasket, float needle valve seat POR
K 116881 Valve, needle, w/spring and seat assy POR
L 116191 Spring, intake needle POR
M 116177 Pin, intake needle spring POR
N 116900 Tube, bleeder, w/ plug, assy POR
P 116880 Axle, float lever POR
Q 116879 Float, w/ lever, assy POR
R 116896 Gasket, choke valve body to float body POR
S 116894 Jet, metering rod POR
T 116890 Rod, metering, assy POR
U 116901 Pin, metering rod sleeve POR
V 116907 Diaphragm, metering rod, assy POR
W 116887 Spring, metering rod POR
X 116906 Housing, metering rod diaphragm POR
Y 116893 Screw, lockwasher, fil-hd, No. 8-32NC x 5/8 POR
Z 116868 Body, carburetor, assy POR
AA 116875 Plug, intake needle passage POR
BB 116905 Ball, fuel intake, assy POR
CC 116175 Strainer, pump POR
DD 116162 Plug, idle port passage (rivet) POR
EE 116883 Screw, idle adjustment POR
FF 116885 Spring, idle adjustment screw POR
GG 116899 Washer, retaining, idle adjusting screw seal POR
HH 116904 Seal, idle adjusting screw POR
JJ 116869 Body, throttle valve, assy POR
KK 116884 Plug, expansion, throttle shaft POR
LL 116891 Screw, lockwasher, fil-hd, No. 12-28 x 3/4 POR
MM 116870 Plate, throttle valve POR
NN 116217 Screw, rd-hd, No. 3-48 x 7/32 POR
PP 116903 Seal, dust, throttle shaft POR
QQ 116898 Retainer, throttle calve shaft seal POR
RR 116651 Screw, adjusting, throttle lever POR
SS 116871 Shaft, throttle, w/ lever, assy POR
TT 116895 Gasket, body, throttle valve POR
UU 116163 Plug, strainer passage, w/ gasket, assy POR
VV 116905 Housing, pump diaphragm POR
WW 116886 Spring, pump POR
XX 116908 Diaphragm, pump, assy POR
YY 116927 Plug, expansion, body POR
ZZ 116813 Ball, check, discharge, pump POR
AB 116909 Weight, pump discharge ball check POR
AC 131958 Screw, mach, No. 8-32NC-2A x 5/16 POR
AD 116877 Shaft, choke, w/lever, assy POR
AE 116888 Spring, return, choke valve shaft POR
AF 116384 Screw, lockwasher, fil-hd, No. 8-32NF x 3/4 POR
AG 120619 Nut, plain, square, No. 10 (0.190)-24NC-2 x 3/4 POR
AH 116587 Clamp, choke control conduit POR
AJ 120910 Screw, machine, rd-hd, No.10 (0.190)-24NC-2 x 3/4 POR
AK 800299 Switch, horn, w/cable, assy POR
AL 116897 Washer, retaining, choke valve shaft seal POR
AM 116902 Seal, choke shaft POR
AN 116873 Plate, choke valve to poppet valve, assy POR
AP 116216 Screw, rd-hd, br, No. 3-48 x 3/16 POR
  648065 Kit, Carburetor, Major Overhaul $39.95

Fuel and Vacuum Pump - Exploded

A 132124 Screw, machine, fil-hd, No. 10-32NF-2A 3/4 POR
B 120217 Washer, lock, med, No. 10, 0.194 Id, 0.337OD POR
C 132148 Bolt, machine, fil-hd, No 10-32NF-2 x 1 3/4 POR
D 118480 Cover, pulsator diaphragm POR
E 118477 Diaphragm, pulsator, feel station POR
F 121839 Bolt, machine, rd-hd, No. 6 (0.138)-32NC-2 x 5/16 POR
G 118481 Retainer, valve, fuel section POR
H 118486 Valve, w/cage, assy POR
J 118478 Gasket, plate, fuel section valve POR
K 118475 Body, fuel section POR
L 119867 Diaphragm, fuel section, w/pull rod POR
M 117143 Cap, diaphragm return spring POR
N 119652 Spring, diaphragm, vacuum section POR
P 116329 Pin, rocker arm POR
Q 116344 Link, rocker arm, left POR
R 116347 Washer, plain, 5/8 OD, 0.010thk POR
S 116332 Spring, rocker arm POR
T 116346 Spacer, rocker arm link POR
U 117138 Bearing, bushing type, rocker arm pin POR
V 118476 Arm, rocker POR
W 116343 Link, rocker arm, intermediate POR
X 116345 Link, rocker arm, right POR
Y 118490 Gasket, 0.020 thk POR
Z 119661 Diaphragm, vacuum section, w/ pull rod, assy POR
AA 132900 Screw, mach, rd-hd, No10-32NF-2A x 3/8 POR
BB 117144 Retainer, valve, vacuum section POR
CC 115652 Gasket, vacuum section valve to cover POR
DD 120217 Washer, lock, No.10, 0.194 ID, 0.337 OD POR
EE 132119 Screw, mach, No. 10-32NF-2A x 5/8 POR
FF 117157 Screen, vacuum section POR
GG 117155 Retainer, screen, vacuum section POR
HH 117153 Gasket, cover, vacuum section POR
JJ 117152 Plate, vacuum section POR
KK 117154 Gasket, cover plate screw, vacuum section POR
LL 123450 Bolt, machine, hex-hd, 1/4-28NF-3 x 3/4 POR
MM 118488 Body, vacuum section POR
NN 117160 Spring, diaphragm, vacuum section POR
PP 117156 Retainer, diaphragm spring POR
QQ 117432 Seal, oil, type ML, 3/8ID, 1.000OD x 5/16thk POR
RR 118474 Body, fuel section, w/oil seal, assy POR
SS 119241 Seal, oil, fuel section POR
  811369-T Kit, Fuel Pump, T Type Diaphram $60.00
  811369-W Kit, Fuel Pump, Window Type $65.00

Air Cleaner Assembly - Exploded

A 801807 Precleaner, air, w/rain deflector $29.95
B 502922 Clamp, hose, 2 9/32 ID POR
C 800602 Hose, flexible, air cleaner to air intake pipe $24.95
D 801582 Pipe, air intake, w/vent valve and bracket, assy POR
E 116574 Clamp, hose, rustproof, 2 11/16 in POR
F 801738 Hose, carburetor to air cleaner tube 801738
G 804277 Valve, control, ventilation w/pin POR
H A17122 Nipple, hose, 1/4 std taper pipe thd, 1 in lg POR
J 118042 Body, cleaner, assy POR
K 118044 Spring, toggle, oil cup POR
L A5632 Gasket, element to upper body $4.00
M A5630 Element, air cleaner, w/wing bolt, assy $75.00
N 801894 Gasket, air cleaner body, lower POR
P 118043 Cup, oil $39.95

Ventilation System

A 801807 Precleaner, air, w/ rain deflector, assy $29.95
B 802041 Hose, flexible, air intake, assy POR
C 674639 Tube, seamless, 1/4OD, 0.030 thkns of wall, dev lgh 1 1/4 in POR
D 800701 Tube, gas tank vent, assy POR
E 800602 Hose, flexible, air cleaner to air intake pipe $29.95
F 801586 Tube, carburetor ventilator, assy POR
G 801738 Hose, carburetor to air cleaner tube POR
H 801312 Line, crankcase ventilation, assy POR
J 800870 Tube, windshield wiper, vacuum pump to tee, assy POR
K 801271 Tube, master cylinder to elbow, assy POR
L 800374 Tube, ignitor vent, assy POR
M 801585 Hose, air cleaner to oil filler tube (1 3/4 lg) POR
N 800375 Tube, ignitor vent to wiper, assy POR
P 648081 Tube, transmission case vent to tee, assy POR
Q 801077 Tube, vent, assy POR
R 800387 Support, air intake flexible hose POR
S 801060 Tube, air cleaner to windshield wiper hose, assy POR
T A12935 Tube, vent, assy POR
U 673564 Tube, 1/4 OD, 0.030 thkns of wall, dev lgh 24 1/4in POR

Fuel Tank and Related Parts - ExplodedFuel Tank and Related Parts - Exploded

A 801649 Plate, cover, w/vent, assy $125.00
B 802609 Plate, end, upper, w Tube and nut assy POR
C 120361 Nut, plain, hexagon, No. 10 (0.190)-24NC-2 POR
D 12017 Washer, lock, No.10, 0.194 ID, 0.337 OD POR
E 802613 Element $39.95
F 802608 Plate, end, lower POR
G 455268 Screw, fuel tank filter, No. 10-24NC-2 x 4 POR
H 132756 Screw, mach, No. 8-32NC-2 x 7/16 POR
J 648997 Washer, finishing, 0.166 ID x 0.3125 OD x 0.645 thk POR
K 649739 Gasket, cover plate (neoprene) $9.50
L 801559 Anti-squeak, fuel tank (1 in wide x 6 3/8in lg) POR
M 801561 Anti-squeak, fuel tank (1 in wide x 18 1/18in lg) POR
N 219190 Plug, pipe, No. 1, solit-hd 1/4-18NPT POR
P 649745 Clamp, hold-down, fuel tank POR
Q 649744 Anti-squeak, fuel tank (1 in wide x 10 3/8in lg) POR
R 649759 Tank, fuel, assy (welded) $375.00
S 673415 Grommet, fuel tank filler neck $10.95
T 649749 Neck, filler, w/Strainer, assy $59.95
U 801263 Gasket, fuel tank cap $2.00
V 7975294 Clip, utility cover chain POR
W 649760 Cap, assy $35.00
X 132760 Screw, mach, No. 8(0.164)-32NC-2 x 1/2 POR
Y 648927 Gasket, fuel level sending unit (cork) $1.75
Z 800201 Unit, sending, fuel gage $95.00
AA 132844 Screw, machine, rd-hd, No. 10-24NC-2 x 7/8 POR

Fuel System

A 800875 Line, fuel, tee to flexible connection, assy POR
B 801439 Valve, shut-off, fuel, 1/8 pipe thd POR
C 191573 Connector, flared tube, inverted, 1/4 in tube, 1/8 in female pipe end POR
D 801129 Tube, primer to ball check connector, assy POR
E 78316 Clip, tube, 1/4 in POR
F 649734 Strap, hold-down, fuel tank, assy, Kit $65.00
G 649748 Line, fuel tank to elbow, assy, Set $120.00
H 649759 Tank, fuel, assy (welded) $375.00
J 673415 Grommet, fuel tank filler neck $10.95
K 649742 Clamp, fuel tank hold-down strap, outer POR
L 649745 Clamp, hold-down, fuel tank POR
M B247446 Elbow, flared tube, inverted, 1/4 in POR
N 649880 Line, fuel, elbow to shutoff valve, assy, Set $120.00
P 801139 Pump, primer, w/ elbow, assy POR
Q 800802 Grommet, split, 13/16 ID, for 7/8 hole $1.50
R 801128 Tube, primer to manifold tee, 1/8 OD x 18 dev lgh POR
S A6954 Tubem primer tee to elbow, 1/8 OD, 7 7/8 dev lgh POR
T A6878 Nozzle, elbow type, priming, cylinder head, assy POR
U A6877 Nozzle, tee type, cylinder head, assy POR
V 800347 Connector, nall check 3/16in tube POR
W 137405 Connector, flared tube, inverted, 1/4 in tube POR
X 444118 Tee, pipe, automotive, extended, 1/8-27 POR
Y A5449 Clip, open, 5/16 in hole for No. 10 bolt POR
Z 800595 Line, flexible, fuel line to fuel pump POR
AA 807641 Pump, fuel and vacuum, assy POR

Throttle and Choke Control - Exploded

A 502243 Washer, flat, 7/32 ID, 3/8OD, 0.035 thk POR
B 112726 Pin, cotter, split, 1/36 x 1/2 POR
C 801683 Control, assy, manual conduit and core POR
D 800401 Control, choke, assy $24.95
E A1273 Rod, throttle, assy POR
F 120013 Grommet, split, 5/8 ID, 31/32 in diam x 1/15 POR
G 121867 Bolt, machine hex-hd, 1/4-20NC-3 x 9/16 POR
H 120380 Washer, lock, med, 1/4 in POR
J 646073 Boot, power-take-off gear shift lever, inner POR
K 800783 Rest, foot, accelerator $9.95
L 124920 Nut, plain, hexagon, 5/16-24NF-2 POR
M 801308 Pedal, accelerator, w/ hinge and link assy $49.95
N 503262 Nut, self-locking, hexagons, No. 10-24NC-3 POR
P 123854 Screw, mach, fl-hd, No.-24NC-2 x 1/2 POR
Q 801854 Connector, accelerator, cross shaft POR
R 120361 Nut, plain, hexagon, No. 10 (0.190-24NC-2 POR
S 121801 Washer, lock, style No. 2, 0.365 POR
T 801303 Shaft, cross, accelerator, w/ lever and bracket, assy $7.50
U 644067 Spring, retracting, accelerator pedal POR
V 640246 Clip, accelerator retracting spring POR
W 122159 Screw, mach, No. 8-32NC-2A x 1/2 POR
X 372438 Stop, throttle wire, w/ screen, assy POR

Primer Pump - Exploded

A 7700819 Knob, fuel primer pump plunger POR
B 131095 Washer, lock, No. 9, 0.310 OD, No 8 screw size POR
C 118326 Nut, plunger rod packing POR
D 7033654 Stem, plunger POR
E 118323 Guide, packing, plunger stem POR
F 118324 Packing, plunger rod POR
G 118320 Cup, plunger (leather) POR
H 118319 Washer, plain, No. 10 POR
J 119512 Nut, hex, No. 10-32NF-2 x 5/32 POR
K 118325 Nut, cap, hand primer pump POR
L 118308 Nut, hex, 3/4-27NC-3 x 3/16 POR
M 119511 Body, w/ barrel, assy POR
N 444038 Elbow, pipe, No. 13, 1/827NPTF, 2nd POR
P 118315 Connector, inlet check valve POR
Q 118314 Nut, inlet connector (3/8 in tube) POR
R 118334 Cap, outlet diaphragm POR
S 118335 Spring, compression, 0.022 in diam wire, 7 coils 11/32 POR
T 118333 Guide, diaphragm spring POR
U 118332 Diaphragm POR
V 118330 Screen, outlet POR
W 118331 Gasket, flexible, br,1 1/32  ID, l 1/32, OD,  thk POR
X 118312 Plug, retn, outlet, check valve spring POR
Y l18311 SPRING, compression, 0.125 in dia, 14 coil 0.170 OD, 15/32 POR
Z 147483 Ball, S, gr A, 3/16 in POR
AA 118329 Connector, outlet POR
BB 118336 Nut, Tube Sleeve POR

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