Group 17 - Fender and Hood

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  A3179 Bolt, Welding, 5/16-18NC x 5/8, Battery to Front Fender Strap POR
  A2843 Brace, Left Fender, Front POR
  A2844 Brace, Right Fender, Front POR
  673493 Fender, Front, Left (Reproduction) $284.95
  673494 Fender, Front, Right (Reproduction) $284.95
  A3549 Retainer, Square Nut, 5/16" POR
  673468 Screw, Hex, 5/16-18NC x 3/4 POR
  A3097 Reinforcement, Left Front Fender POR
  A3098 Reinforcement, Right Front Fender POR
  673436 Bracket, Hood Catch $2.00
  673435 Bumper, Hood Top, Windshield $8.95
  673631 Catch, Hood $4.00
  670950 Hinge, Lower, Half POR
  670949 Hinge, Upper Half POR
  670948 Hinge, Hood Assembly $34.95
  673442 Hood (Reproduction) $418.95
  670951 Pin, Straight, Headless, 1/4 x 15 lg POR
  680554 Plate, Cover, Hood Receptacle POR

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