Group 15 - Frame and Brackets

Frame Assembly Pintle Hook Assembly - Exploded Spare Wheel Carrier - Exploded

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Frame Assembly

A 649998 Support, battery, w/brace POR
B 800845 Support, mounting (generator regulator) POR
C 645071 Outrigger, body, right, No. 1 POR
D 645072 Bracket, body, left, right, No. 2 and 3 POR
E 800825 Bracket, shock absorber, rear, w/shaft (welded) POR
F 800605 Crossmember, frame, rear POR
G A544 Bracket, spring shackle, front spring front and rear spring rear $15.95
H 646193 Bracket, spring pivot, front spring rear and rear spring front POR
J 645702 Outtrigger, body, left, No. 1 POR
K 800824 Bracket, shock absorber, front, w/shaft (welded) POR
L 808969 Bar, bumper, front $79.95
M 907749 Crossmember, frame, front, assy POR
N 647025 Bracket, engine support, front, right, w/reinforcement, assy POR
P 649705 Crossmember, engine rear support $99.95
Q A1150 Crossmember, frame, center POR
R 646962 Crossmember, frame, intermediate rear POR
S 800814 Reinforcement, frame, rear POR

Pintle Hook Assembly - Exploded

A 801786 Latch, pintle hook POR
B 801785 Spring, compression, S, 0.625 diam wire, 5/8 OD, 9 coils1 3/4 free lgh (pintle hook latch) POR
C 801780 Lock, pintle hook POR
D 583035 Ring, retn, snap, exter, S, cd or zn-pltd, 0.500 shaft diam (pintle hook lock latch) POR
E 124169 Bolt, machine, hex-hd, S, cd or zn-pltd, 1/2-20NF- 3 x 2 POR
F 120384 Washer, lock, med, S, cd or zn-pltd, 1/2 in POR
G 120371 Nut, plain, hexagon, s-fin, It, cd or zn-fin, 1/2-20NF-2 POR
H 801778 Pintle POR
J 801787 Pin, pintle hook lock POR
K 806365 Fitting, lubr, hydraulic type, stght, 1/4-28NF, male POR
L 801784 Pin, pintle hook latch POR

Spare Wheel Carrier - Exploded

A 673420 Support, spare wheel, assy POR
B 673344 Bracket, support, spare wheel, w/studs, assy $21.95
C 801762 Wheel, S (16 x 4.50) POR
D A476 Nut, cone, seat, hex, S, cyanide, case hardened, 13 ea
1/2-20NF-2, RH thds
E 674023 Stud, S, cd or zn-pltd, 1/2-20NF (7/8) x 1 7/8 in lg POR
F 673458 Screw, lock washer, hex-hd, S, cd or zn-pltd, 3/8-16NC x 1 5/8 POR
G 120377 Nut, plain, hexagon, It, s-fin, S, cd or zn-pltd, 3/8-16NC-2 POR

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